Why is it important to work with an interior designer when planning to design our home? A designer helps you save time, budget and will create a design that is ergonomic, pleasant, modern and to your liking. Let’s take a look at the advantages of an interior design project set up in advance.

The style is the first thing you will decide with the designer. It is an extremely important step that will help you make decisions more easily afterwards. Here’s why. When the customer comes to the Mobilis showroom with the designer, we decide much faster on the model, colours and design of the furniture pieces. Otherwise, the furniture selection process takes longer.

Another important moment is the design of sockets and other electrical connections. Ideally, the designer should work with the client and the furniture design team to determine where the wiring will be. This is essential, especially for kitchens.

Last but not least, a designer helps you make the most efficient use of every space and gives time to the smallest details. The experience and expertise that a specialist has allows them to generate ideas that will meet all the requirements of comfortable living.

These are the reasons why we recommend Mobilis clients to choose an interior designer. As well as saving time and budget, you’ll be sure that the furniture will fit in perfectly with the style of your entire home!