Setting up a winery or wine cellar at home is not just for wine enthusiasts. The right wine cellar layout can provide optimal conditions for storing old wines. As wine ages, it gets better and better, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to make wine racks. Open spaces, built-in fridges or shelves make it possible to place your wine collection anywhere you want: behind kitchen furniture, in the kitchen island, in the living room or in the basement in the case of a ground floor house.

There are numerous ideas for setting up a wine cellar in the kitchen. Wine racks don’t necessarily have to be out of sight, but within easy reach. You can place them either under the worktop or on top of the kitchen. If your kitchen has an island, then the shelves or built-in wine fridge will fit right into the cooking island. This is a detail we take into account when we make bespoke kitchens for Mobilis customers. If they are planning a wine cellar, then our designers create a design where the wine racks are one with the rest of the kitchen.

The raw material we use to produce the shelves is wood. Many customers also choose the combination of wood and metal for more style. And because the wine cellar doesn’t just contain bottles of wine, we don’t forget the separate sections for other drinks.

In the case of a house on the ground, you can afford to set up a real cellar. In addition to shelves, you can also choose a coffee table with chairs. Other details such as a separate drawer for corkscrew and various utensils are also indicated. Mobilis specialists also recommend opting for a built-in wine cellar fridge exclusively for wine.

There are countless possibilities and ways you can set up a wine cellar no matter how much space you have. Don’t limit your imagination and you’ll be able to create an exceptional space for your own wine collection.