The golden rule in a functional kitchen is about placing the main work items in the right order. There are certain large appliances that are a must in the kitchen, and these dictate how we arrange the whole space. Today we’ll discuss the placement of the fridge, dishwasher, oven, hob and hood.

The refrigerator is the largest appliance in a kitchen and runs continuously all year round. There are two directions we need to look at here: keeping the fridge running smoothly over the long term and having easy access when we use it. There is a myth that the fridge should not be positioned near a heat source. Mobilis experts have shown that the proper functioning of the fridge is not affected in this situation. In addition, modern fridges are equipped with safety systems, so the danger is non-existent.

One rule to keep in mind is to plan a work area (countertop) near the refrigerator. The countertop should be at least 400 mm long. This will allow you to close the door when you take the food out or place the tray you are taking out of the oven. It’s also a useful area when you’re returning from shopping and about to put them in the fridge.

97% of Mobilis customers opt for the dishwasher. But where should we place it? The most convenient place to use it is near the sink and dish drainer, so you won’t have to carry dishes from one corner of the kitchen to the other.

Placing the oven under the stove is a very common solution, but not mandatory. However, these two elements (oven and cooker) can be separated and installed exactly where we want and need them, both in terms of child safety, design and ergonomics. The height at which the oven is mounted (if not under the hob), will be 500-900 mm to the bottom of the oven, to make it easier to take something out or put something in to bake.

We recommend that the cooker is placed according to the triangle rule in the kitchen. This rule says that the cooker, sink and fridge should be placed in a triangle. At the two sharp angles, we will position the cooker and the fridge, and the sink will be at the intersection of the two sides. The work triangle means strategic planning in the kitchen that makes activities easy to practice.

The height at which we place the hood is also very important. The expert recommendation is to position the hood at a minimum height of 600 mm from the countertop. The capacity of the hood is chosen according to the surface area of the room and how often you cook. One point we remind Mobilis customers is that the hood should be switched on 3 minutes before the cooker and the cooking process itself. This will make it more efficient because the air will start to circulate and the smell will be evacuated before it spreads into the room.

One very important thing is to have a separate power supply for each of the large appliances listed above. In a modern and beautifully furnished kitchen, extension cords spoil the overall look and do not look good at all. That’s why, when building Mobilis kitchens, we aim to place the sockets in the cupboards next to the appliances. Of course, we don’t forget the sockets for smaller appliances such as electric kettles, blenders and coffee machines.

Mobilis kitchens are created by an entire team that puts together an ergonomic and individual design for each customer’s home. It is this involvement that makes every project original and a perfect fit in a given interior.