One question we often get from our clients is: “How could we make the corner of the room look better?”. Based on the interior design of the home, we offer Mobilis customers various design solutions. An empty corner creates the feeling of an unfinished interior, and completing it requires a serious approach, taste and refinement. We have prepared some practical solutions for you to consider when planning your interior design.

One of the most common proposals is the corner sofa/corner table. Here you can relax, read your favourite book, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. In an instant, the corner of your room can be transformed into a wonderful place to rest. For even more style, choose cushions in interior colours and decorate with wall lamps.

The work desk is another method you can opt for. Your home office set can include a computer table, a few shelves and even a lounge chair. All of these are made to order in the colour of your choice and to the dimensions allowed. The desk can be compact enough to fit even the smallest of spaces.

How about a fireplace in the corner of the living room? It’s a bolder choice, but with a visual effect that will win you over. It’s not necessary to choose a wood-burning fireplace. Electric fireplaces have the same capacity and can be found at affordable prices. As well as making a great corner design, the fireplace will warm your winter evenings in a romantic atmosphere.

A functional and useful choice are shelves or bookcases. If you’ve collected a lot of books or you’re a keen reader, you can set up a quirky space in the corner of your room to arrange everything. If you still have space, we suggest an armchair. This way you get a mini library in your own home.

The armchair is a universal option that fits in any room, be it the living room or the children’s room. Mobilis designers create the armchair design strictly according to the style of the room, so it blends in perfectly. Additionally, you can complete this space with a table and lamp where you can retreat to relax or work on your laptop.

Another original idea is to set up a photo gallery in the corner of the room. Gather your most precious memories in one place and get a highly stylish project. It’s important to choose a frame pattern that matches the design and distribute them evenly on the wall. The result will be exceptional!

These are some of the proposals we present to Mobilis customers when faced with such a challenge. From a seemingly useless space, you can create a corner that is indispensable for relaxing and at the same time very stylish. Your home should be the place where you feel most at home and that represents your personality!