Worktops and aprons are a must in a kitchen. Choosing them is no easy task, as they have to meet several conditions: they must be resistant to temperature, scratches and cuts, but also easy to maintain. Once you start looking for the right materials, you’ll find the choices are generous. In this case, Mobilis has some general but extremely useful tips.

There are several important criteria for choosing kitchen worktops: size, material, strength and maintenance. We’ll look at them in turn, paying attention to the essential details.

  1. Dimensions. It is the thickness of the countertop that dictates the aesthetic appearance. There are several thicknesses we use: 10, 20, 30, 38 and 40 mm. Slim’ worktops with a thickness of 10 mm are usually used in modern-style kitchens. Mobilis recommends that the worktop be fitted at a height of 900 mm, which is the standard height for fitting large appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, freezers, wine coolers, etc., and for cooking convenience, so you avoid backache.
  2. Material. There are a variety of materials to choose from. Here are some of the most common ones:

Natural stone countertop. The quality and strength of natural stone worktops offer increased comfort. Non-porous surfaces, such as quartz, are hygienic and do not allow the growth of bacteria or micro-organisms. Such worktops are resistant to acids, liquids, cuts, scratches and high or low temperatures.

Porcelain tile countertop. Porcelain stoneware has recently started to be used for kitchen worktops and is also used as an apron. The slim appearance and scratch resistance are the advantages that make Mobilis customers opt for this type of product, especially as the exact same material can also be used for kitchen fronts, only 3.5 mm thick.

HPL plastic countertop. This type of material combines affordability, high quality, strength and functionality. By choosing an HPL plastic worktop, you are making a long-lasting investment because, with proper care, it will not lose its appearance over time. Being quite resistant to high temperatures, humidity and sunlight, it can be used around the stove without risk of fire.

Chipboard countertop. At one time chipboard was the top choice for kitchen worktops because of its affordability, because it comes in a variety of colours and is relatively easy to maintain. Mobilis, however, recommends worktops in the first three categories described. We have many arguments here, which is why we invite you to the showroom to discuss and present all these arguments by comparison. 🙂

  1. Maintenance. With the exception of wood, worktop materials are extremely easy to clean. All you need is warm water, a regular detergent and a soft cloth. If you cook a lot at home, you should definitely take this into account when choosing the material.

The apron is the element located between the countertop and the hanging cabinets. The material you choose to make the apron from may be different from that used for the countertop, but it is not a rule. You can choose an apron made of natural stone, porcelain stoneware, HPL compact or chipboard.

If we are talking about skirting boards, then their installation is optional. Specifically, if the apron and the countertop are made of the same material, then there is no need for skirting. If you have used different materials for the apron and countertop, you will also need to install the skirting. Mobilis recommends that you opt for the first option (without skirting) for a more modern and aesthetic look. However, if you opt for skirting, rule out the plastic option. They deteriorate quickly and do not look good.

One of the helpful questions in choosing these items in your kitchen is which of the two criteria comes first for you: utility or aesthetics? Think about how often you cook at home, what style your kitchen has, what budget you have planned, and these things will make your choice easier!

Now that you are aware of the most important information and recommendations regarding countertops, aprons and skirting boards, you can start your kitchen design or renovation. If you want a professional team to handle the whole process, Mobilis is here to offer you the most original solutions.