We know that many people have given up physical books in favour of electronic ones, but we also know that there’s nothing like the smell of ink you get when you flip through a book. Bookcases have always been the ‘centrepiece’ of a home because of the visual impact they create. They give balance, comfort and personality to the space. Today we will discuss the most important questions we ask ourselves when planning our library design.

The first thing to consider is the room in which the library is to be installed. For this we suggest some ideas that can be suitable in any home:

  • A special room for the library! If you are an avid reader and like to purchase the books you read, then this is an interesting option for you. You can set up the whole room as a sitting area or even an office.
  • Library in the living room. The living room is the most popular place when it comes to positioning the bookcase. This room is specifically designed for relaxing, so the library can be easily integrated. You can fit just one wall with shelves or even all the walls of the room.
  • Areas of the house difficult to furnish. If you have a corner in your home for which you can’t find the right furniture but would like to use it, then you can opt for a corner shelf. Books on the shelf will look great, and you can also add decorative elements to them. The space under the stairs is another idea for the bookcase arrangement. The final effect will be extremely beautiful, and this place will become a “calling card” of your home.

It is important to choose the library, taking into account the volume of books. For a small number of books, a tower with a few shelves or a shelf will suffice. Be sure to consider this, then choose the location. Mobilis designers can help you with this.

Once you’ve chosen the right place, there are three essentials for a library:

  1. Adequate and sufficient natural lighting. Natural light is best for a pleasant reading experience, which is why it’s advisable to choose a bright space for your reading area. Of course, you can add other lighting fixtures in addition to the existing ones, such as lamps or floor lamps.
  2. A comfortable armchair. We can’t imagine a library without a couch or chair that gives you maximum comfort. Try to choose something that goes hand in hand with the design of the bookcase, but is also practical.
  3. Elements of decoration. The library can be personalised in the most original way with various objects – flowers, picture frames, paintings, vases. For a minimalist style, for example, you can decorate the shelves with small plant pots, pine cones or candles. The Mobilis team comes up with recommendations for this every time.

Modern libraries are as ingeniously designed as possible, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Many of them are designed so that they can fit a TV to save space. It’s difficult to find a ready-assembled bookcase that meets all your needs, and custom-made is an optimal choice. This way you know for sure that you can transform any room exactly the way you want it and your home will take on a unique look!

The Mobilis collection already includes dozens of bookcases of different sizes designed for our customers and we are happy to create such relaxing spaces in your home!