Who doesn’t want the investment they make to be long-term. We want those who choose Mobilis products to enjoy their original appearance for as long as possible, which is why we place great value on the quality of materials and manufacturing. However, this aspect is not enough for furniture to last a long time.

Excessive exposure to light, moisture, heat or cold can cause furniture to warp. There are a few basic rules for their maintenance, which we will cover in the following.

Chipboard furniture is very sensitive to moisture and needs an extra layer that will keep moisture on the surface. The edges also need to be perfectly machined, which guarantees an extended lifetime. These technical details are taken care of by the Mobilis team during production.

MDF furniture is less demanding and has a higher resistance to moisture. To care for it, use a soft cloth and a mild dusting solution.

For the care of wooden furniture, wax-based cleaners are welcome. Maintenance requires more effort because wood can be affected by moisture, high or low temperatures or even solar radiation.

What NOT to do so that the structure and appearance of the furniture is not affected:

  • Do not use solvents or products containing alcohol.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals (e.g. abrasives or solvents).
  • Do not use window cleaners.
  • Don’t let liquids stay on surfaces too long.
  • Do not expose surfaces to intense heat sources as materials may change shape or colour.

Mobilis comes with the following recommendations:

  • Use soft non-scratching cloths.
  • Always remove stains or dirt from furniture as quickly as possible.
  • After cleaning, wipe surfaces until completely dry.
  • Avoid cleaning agents based on acids, ammonia, bleaches or abrasives.
  • Use diluted cleaning agents – 20% alcohol/detergent and 80% water.

These basic rules must be strictly adhered to for any type of furniture. They are general guidelines that maintain the appearance and extend the life of the furniture. Only in this way will the quality of the products be maintained and you will enjoy a long-term investment.