Clothes Closet 90 (shelves)

4,900 MDL

Width: 90 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Height: 210 cm
Height between poles: 32 cm
Leg material: Metal
Frame material: 18 mm cantued melamine chipboard


Decoprim’s Polished Clothes Closet is the perfect complement to a modern and ergonomically designed office, living room or bedroom, designed as a functional storage unit for clothing items so they are always within reach.

The wardrobe is made with sturdy, electrostatically painted metal legs and a top made of 18 mm cantuit melamine chipboard.

The cupboard has 2 poles 30 cm high, 3 poles 32 cm high and is fitted with a bar for hanging baskets.

The cupboard doors have hinges with a slow-closing mechanism.

This cupboard is 90 cm wide and the depth of the poles is 52 cm.

The total height of the shelf is 210 cm and it is equipped with height-adjustable feet, cushions to protect the floors.

4,900 MDL
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