Mobilis: The partnership that redefines trust in furniture

Any furniture manufacturer, whether mass-producer or custom furniture manufacturer, is faced with the choice of a reliable partner they can rely on to deliver their order on time, to the required quality and at an affordable price, so that they can pass on the same values to their customers. If you too are a custom furniture manufacturer but lack the necessary machinery – MOBILIS is the partner you need.
Wondering why work with MOBILIS?
The answer is simple – at MOBILIS you can find exactly the things you consider important: the attitude of the employees at the highest level, the quality of the cut, turned, drilled or CNC machined parts will be exactly as you expect. All the services provided by MOBILIS are performed on new and modern machines, and the employees operating the machines are experienced and are always trained to meet the most special requests of our partners. Obviously, the speed of the order delivery is also important, that’s why the orders are organized in such a way that they are ready in the shortest possible time and this does not negatively influence the quality and integrity of the order.
For MOBILIS partner customers we organise the transport of the order to the indicated address. In 2023 we obtained ISO certification for three standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The ISO standardization shows that at MOBILIS the furniture production process, whether made-to-order or mass-produced furniture, is subject to rigorous procedures covering the entire cycle, from sourcing to the assembly of the furniture at the customer’s or MOBILIS partner’s address.

Transform your business by partnering with Mobilis!

If you are looking for a reliable partner in the furniture industry and want to benefit from quality and professionalism, it’s time to join MOBILIS. Be part of our success!

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