Mona Notebook table

1,800 MDL

Diameter: 40 cm
Height: 62 cm
Frame material: Metal
Worktop material: HPL


The Mona notebook desk is a modern and innovative choice for a comfortable and practical workspace. This coffee table has a solid and durable metal frame that provides the stability and strength needed for regular use.

The top of the coffee table is made of HPL, a high-pressure material composed of multiple layers of cellulose bonded together in heat-resistant resin, which provides a smooth surface that is resistant to scratches and other damage. This makes the table easy to clean and maintain over time.

The Mona table has a circular shape, making it a great choice for placing in a corner of a room or creating a focal point in a room. Thanks to its appropriate size, with the top measuring 40 cm in diameter, the coffee table can be used as a laptop or tablet workspace, providing enough room to work comfortably.

The simple and elegant design of the Mona notebook table makes it a perfect choice for any style of decor. Thanks to its sturdy construction, sturdy top and practical shape, this coffee table is a great solution for a modern and efficient workspace.

1,800 MDL
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